• 1.Handling of quality problems that often occur in the production process of copper plates and copper strips

    In response to these problems, we take the following measures to prevent and deal with them: 1. Strengthen the quality control of raw materials and select high-quality copper materials. 2. Optimize the production process to ensure that smelting, pouring, continuous casting, rolling and other process links meet the specification requirements. 3. Carry out refining treatment, use adsorbent, precipitant, etc. to remove impurities in the copper liquid, and improve the purity of the copper liquid. 4. Strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of equipment and processes to ensure the stable operation of equipment and the smooth progress of the production process. 5. Strictly control the temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters in the production process to ensure the stability of the product. 6. Strengthen quality inspection and monitoring, discover and deal with substandard products in time, and ensure product quality meets requirements. 7. Control the environment during storage and use to avoid contamination and damage to copper plates and strips. Through the implementation of the above measures, the production quality and reliability of copper plates and copper strips can be effectively improved, and the normal use and life of the products can be ensured.

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