Application of copper sheet


Copper plate is a material consisting of pure copper and asmall percentage of other alloying elements.It is used ina variety of applications due to its excellent electrical and thermal conducivity,ductility and corrosion resistance ,as well as ite good weldability and plasticity.

Copper sheet

1.Copper plates have important applications in the electrical industry.Every year,a large amount of copper is electrolyzed into pure copper for the electrical industry.Copper plate has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity,so it is an ideal material for making circuit breakers,contact conductive plates,low-voltage air switch conductive accessories and so on.

Round copper plate

2.Copper plates are also widely used in the chemical and marine industries.It has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere,seawater and some non-oxidizing acids,so it is often used in the construction of chemical equipment,pipelines and marine engineering.

3.Due to its good weldability and plasticity,copper plates can be made into various semi-finished and finished products by cold working and thermoplastic processing,and are used in the construction and building materials industries.In addition,due to its unique color and luster,copper plates are often used to make decorations and works of art,and even for the production of musical instruments.

Supply of large copper plates

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