Brass plate polishing process and precautions


If the brass plate is used for a long time, the surface of the brass plate will become rough, and it may cause the brass plate to oxidize, which will affect the continued use of the brass plate. Polishing the brass plate can improve the surface smoothness of the plate, and also It has a certain anti-oxidation function, so what is the polishing process of the brass plate? What precautions should be taken when polishing? The following editor Jing Tong will take you to understand.

1. Brass plate polishing process

1. During the polishing operation, prepare a suitable copper polishing working solution according to the instructions, and try to operate it in a ventilated place at room temperature, so as not to affect the use effect of the polishing solution.

2. After preparing the copper polishing solution, soak the brass plate in the polishing solution, take out the brass plate after 2-3 minutes, and immediately put it in clean water for cleaning, and wash off the residual liquid medicine on the workpiece to avoid affect subsequent use.

3. After the brass plate is polished and cleaned, it can enter the next process to spray and passivate the brass plate. In order to prevent the brass plate from changing color after polishing, it is necessary to air-dry and passivate the brass plate in time.

4. During the polishing process, if it is found that the surface gloss of the brass plate does not meet the corresponding requirements, appropriate additives can be added to the polishing solution. The dosage of the additive is 1%-2% of the original polishing solution. The addition is to follow a small amount Multiple principles. If it still does not meet the requirements after adding the additive, it needs to be replaced with a new polishing agent.

Brass plate

  brass plate

2. Precautions for brass plate polishing

1. Try to use plastic pp tanks for the working tank containing the polishing liquid, and do not use metal, ceramic and other working tanks.

2. During the polishing process, pay attention to shaking or turning the workpiece to prevent the overlapping surface of the workpiece from being in good contact with the working fluid.

3. When polishing, the workpiece cannot be polished too much at one time, and a certain gap should be left between the workpieces to avoid poor polishing effect.

4. After the polishing is completed, the residual liquid medicine should be cleaned to avoid affecting its use effect during the next process.

5. After polishing, put the brass plate in a cool and ventilated place for storage.

6. The polishing liquid is corrosive to a certain extent. During operation, care should be taken to protect the liquid from contact with human skin. Handle with care to prevent liquid from splashing.

7. After chemical polishing, it is necessary to carry out protective treatment in time. Soak in copper protective agent for 30 seconds, which can improve the oxidation resistance of the brass plate.

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